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Vetted Drivers

Our Kool Drivers are vetted carefully to ensure we are providing the absolute best riding experience for your Kool Kid.

Super Kool Facts About Our Drivers:

  • All Kool Drivers have a full motor vehicle background check by the City of Houston.
  • All Kool Drivers are thoroughly check via our criminal background check systems.
  • All Kool Drivers must go through a physical exam.
  • All Kool Drivers attend our mandatory monthly safety training classes.
  • All Kool Drivers go through pass random drug test screenings
  • All Kool drivers have a specific unique uniform that helps Kool kids and Kool Parents identify each driver immediately.

Super Kool Facts about our Kool Vehicles

  • All Kool Vehicles Undergo daily safety checks.
  • All Kool Vehicles Have 10 scheduled mechanical inspections per year.
  • All Kool Are equipped with GPS tracking systems.
  • All Kool Vehicles Have fire extinguishers, first aid kits, long with other safety features to ensure your Kool Kid has a safe riding experience.

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